“When we received our overseas assignment we were very concerned about what to do with our house.  We considered selling, but after meeting with Sam Mangrio we decided to rent our home while overseas.  We could not have made a better choice.  Sam has taken care of every issue that has occurred over the years with the property.  Whenever issues arise, Sam is quick to work with the tenant and contractors to recommend the best way forward and almost always has already gotten a rough estimate on the cost of the project before he contacts us.  When we returned to the United States, we were so pleased with Sam that we decided to continue to rent that property, keeping Sam as property manager, and buy a different home (which Sam helped with as well).  We could not be happier with Sam's management of our property.”

Mike B., Manassas,

“Synergy Property Management LLC has managed my rental home in Montclair for almost ten years and I could not be more satisfied.  Sam has consistently found excellent renters for my property and handles all concerns that arise, theirs or mine, quickly and efficiently.  Whether by phone, email, or in person, his professional responses have quickly dealt with any issues.  I’ve appreciated the work done by companies he’s recommended, everything from tree removal to window cleaning.  Last summer I remodeled the living area and Sam, with design advice from Kati, walked me through the process painlessly.  The results have updated and enhanced the value of my home.  I highly recommend Sam Mangrio and Synergy Property Management LLC.”

Judy M., Montclair,

“We have worked with Sam Mangrio at Synergy Property Management LLC for years now managing our house and I can assure you he is exceptional at what he does. From when we first met him, he was knowledgeable and thorough with explaining everything and answering our questions.We felt very confident in our decision to choose Synergy Property Management LLC to manage our property. As a military family that has moved around a lot, it has been crucial to have someone dependable/reliable and  Sam has continued to truly stand out from other property managers. He actually cares about his clients and communicates very well and is a fast responder. If you are looking for a property management company it doesn't get any better than Sam at Synergy Property Management LLC.”

Amber & Joshua B., Montclair,

"Having Sam manage my properties for the last 6+ years has been an invaluable service. From assisting with tenant selection, to day-to-day management, it would have been impossible otherwise. He's professional, and always represents my interests. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with residential property rentals."

Jonathan L., Montclair,